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I’ve gotten to team up with with some of my favorite author friends to break some rules and help bring awareness to Autism in this collection of romance stories, available to pre-order now for 99cents.

**All profits from the sale of The Rule Breaker Anthology will be donated to AutismSpectrum.org and Austism-Society.org

Life's a gamble and love's a game, but you need to play to win.

When all that is forbidden tastes so much sweeter, sometimes you just have to say screw the consequences and follow your heart's desire.

So take a chance and bite the apple.

After all, rules were made to be broken.

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I love, love, love Lucas!!! Jenna is such an amazing, strong woman! Alex was such a sweetheart! This book simply brilliant! It was such an enjoyable read! Another phenomenal book!

Vickie - Goodreads




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