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A Christmas Fairy Tale

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Wishes are only granted in fairy tales, aren't they?
Once upon a time, I fell in love with a man who I thought was a prince. He treated me like a princess. Until he turned on me ...

Now I am hideously scarred inside and out. Locking myself away in the pretty little town of Hopeful, Colorado, I came to enjoy being alone. But then I meet Noah. After a nasty fall, Noah tries to insert himself into my life. He doesn't belong there. No man would want to look twice at a woman whose face is scarred like mine...

But something happens to make me believe that sometimes fairy tales exist, and just maybe wishes do come true.

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 - A beautiful Christmas love story.

This is a wonderful story of seeing beauty beyond physical flaws.
Amazingly written as usual and a lovely read for the holidays.


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Signed Paperbacks

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