To New Beginnings (Finding Love Series #1)


A one-night stand on an island getaway might just save three lost souls.

Beau needed to escape his grief after losing his best friend. Mia just had to get away after losing her job, her boyfriend, and her home all in one day. On an island, they met in a blazing, hot,

But back home, Beau was faced with the ultimate challenge--providing a home for his best friend's orphaned little girl. Only he can't do it alone, he needs a wife to make that happen. Could the gorgeous redhead he'd left behind in the tropics possibly be the answer?

A hot fling, between two strangers. 
A little girl, who suddenly needs a home.
A grieving friend, who suddenly needs a wife

Too Close To Home (Finding Love Series #2)

I’m not one for commitment or falling in love. 
All that gets you is a broken heart. I prefer to keep my options, and my nights open. I might as well install a revolving door in my bedroom.

I refuse to commit to more than one night of fun.
That is until I make the mistake of letting the devastatingly good looking Logan into my bed, and ultimately my life. 

I try to pull away, to protect my already fragile heart but when my worst fears become a reality, Logan is the only one I trust and the only one I want to keep me safe, but at what cost.

Can I risk my heart to him? Or will I lose him forever?

Making Jenna Mine (Finding Love Series #3)


As the last bachelor among my friends, I have no plans to change that status. Until I meet Jenna. Unable to get her out of my head, it’s becoming more and more difficult to convince myself to keep my single status.
From the moment I laid eyes on her, something deep inside said she was meant to be mine.
With her gorgeous Snow White looks and heart of gold, she brings me to my knees.
As each day passes, I fall harder and more in love with Jenna and her precious son. The family I thought I never wanted. The family I intend to keep.
I am her present. And she is my future.

After my family kicked us out, I vowed to focus on my son and swore to make a better life for us both. A better life also equals no time for men or dating, which wasn’t an issue.
And for a while, things were great. Until I met Lucas.
Lucas—six-foot-three, all man, and pure perfection. Suddenly, I am re-thinking every oath I made. Suddenly, I am ready to throw my no-dating rule out the window.
His kisses, his warmth pressed against me, has me yearning for more.
Just as I give into my feelings for Lucas, my past rears its ugly head and threatens to steal the life I have built for my son and me.

A Christmas Fairy Tale

Wishes are only granted in fairy tales, aren't they?

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a man who I thought was a prince.

He treated me like a princess.

Until he turned on me...

Now I am hideously scarred inside and out.

Locking myself away in the pretty little town of Hopeful, Colorado, I came to enjoy being alone.

 But then I meet Noah.

After a nasty fall, Noah tries to insert himself into my life. He doesn't belong there.

No man would want to look twice at a woman whose face is scarred like mine...

But something happens to make me believe that sometimes fairy tales exist, and just maybe wishes do come true.




Paranormal creatures break free from the chains that bind them but will love be able to save them all. 
Unleash the witches, shifters, demons and many other creatures that will have you on the edge of your seat, while discovering a new world of romance. 
Traverse the dark world's, urban fantasy's, legends and more with all your favorite paranormals on their quest for love. Endure the conflict and struggles alongside them on each journey. 

Allow us to tantalize your fantasies and steal your hearts in this limited time collection of 15 short stories. 
Will love be able to save them all?


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